Covid, la situazione a Gaza

Ministry of Health Gaza – updated 26 August 2020
*🇵🇸Palestinian MOH-Gaza*
26- 8-2020  1:00PM
*💫Coronavirous daily updates in Gaza strip.*
👉🏻 Returnees to quarantine 2275 in different centres.
👉🏻125 total confirmed cases.
👉🏻72 recovered  cases.
👉🏻Confirmed  cases 51
  *14   new cases discovered withithin community
 *37 cases among returnees from out side Gaza.
👉🏻Death  2.
في ثلاثاء، ٢٥ آب، ٢٠٢٠ في ٢:٤٥ م،
*CIR urges international community to help Gaza survive impending disaster*
Council on International Relations – Palestine urged the international community to urgently help the Gaza Strip survive an impending disaster, after cases of Coronavirus registered for the first time among the community.
The Council said in a statement issued, Wednesday, that the crime of the strict Israeli siege imposed on Gaza for 14 years destroyed the health and service sectors, leading to a serious disaster.
The CIR called on international institutions to speed up the rescue and help the Strip with the supplies necessary to face the crisis in light of the crumbling health system due to the Israeli siege.
The Council called on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to lift this siege, especially in these critical circumstances that the Strip is going through, and to shoulder its responsibility towards the area it occupies.
“We warn of the consequences of the spread of the virus in the Gaza Strip, and hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for any catastrophe that afflicts the Gaza Strip”, the Council warned.
The Ministry of Health in the besieged Gaza Strip on Monday registered cases from the coronavirus pandemic for the first time among the community. The authorities in the enclave imposed a two-day lockdown as part of measures to stem the virus spread.

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